Employment Permit System of South Korea

Announcement of Skills Test 2019
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1. Physical Test (Duration : 3minutes)
a. Measure your grasping power with each hand once by using a grasping power measurement tool

b. Measure your back strength once by using a back strength measurement tool

c. Measure your Height and Weight by using measuring instrument

2. Interview Test (Duration: 4minutes)
a. Introduce yourself and your strengths and job experience, career plans into Korean
‘안녕하세요’ -> ‘안녕하세요’
'Hello' -> ‘Hello’  etc.
b. Answer Korean questions in proper Korean
(왼손, 오른손, 양손)을 올리세요, 내리세요
Please raise, lower your (left hand, right hand, both hands) etc.
c. Name the tools in Korean:

d. Answer Korean questions regarding core competency test by Korean
. 직장동료가 바쁘면 어떻게 할 거예요?
How are you going to do if your colleagues very busy?
. 회사에 일이 많으면 어떻게 할 거예요?
How are you going to do if your company very busy?
. 1kg은 몇 g입니까?(예: 7km=700,000cm , 2㎖=0.0002L)
. 일을 하다 실수하면 어떻게 할 거예요?
How are you going to do if you mistake on working?
. 한국에서 사용할 수 있는 기술(자격증) 있어요?
Have you any skill, technical qualifications, etc. that you can use in Korea?
Guidelines for Applicants

You will be given a single opportunity to answer each question.
Your interview will be filmed and sent to business owners in Korea.
Every answer will be evaluated in terms of ability for speaking Korean. 

Basic Skills:
Insert Pins 

Hang Items [1min]

Assemble bolt and nut [2min]

Measures [1min 30sec]

Join  [2min]

Announcement Date: 
Friday, March 15, 2019