Services Delivery Timeline

S/N Name of Service Steps Timeline Remarks Concerned Office/ Wing / Section
01 General Recruitment Process (Maximum total 90 days) Publishing foreign manpower demands in the national press / uploading on the website of OEC 03 days
  1. Receipt of letter of demand and power of attorney from foreign employer;
  2. Attestation of the said manpower demand by Pakistan Mission in the country of destination;
  3. Seeking approval of the Managing Director, OEC.
  4. After receipt of approval of Managing Director, OEC, the advertisement for the said demand is sent to PID through approved advertising agencies for publishing it in the national press within 3 days;
  5. The detailed advertisement with regard to the said demand is simultaneously uploaded on the OEC website;
  6. The purpose is to reach out to the potential candidates and to collect as many CVs as possible in order to facilitate the foreign employers to select human resource as per their requirements and standards.
PMD / I.T Wing, OEC (HQs)
Online Job Portal for collection of CVs ( 02 days IT wing prepares the online job portal for collection of CVS & Provision of technical support / trouble shooting on applying for job. I.T Wing, OEC (HQs)
Collection and compilation of CVs 20 days after closing date After closing date, Operations wing Collect and compile the CVs along with CVs and Summary of applicants meant for dispatch to foreign employer for further processing at their end. Operations / I.T Wing, OEC (HQs)
Shortlisting of CVs, Test / Interviews by delegation / employer & Final Selection 15 to 30 days Employer shortlists the CVs of selectees for further processing & conducts test or interviews through skype or delegation visits Pakistan for conducting test or interviews of shortlisted candidates according to their schedule and then send the final selection list to OEC for further processing. Foreign employer
Visa endorsement, pre departure formalities, Protector of Emigrants & Dispatch to CoD Within 7 days to 35 days OEC received the final selection list from the employer for further pre visa/ pre departure formalities, PE Clearance and Departure of selectee to the destination country. Operations Wing, OEC (HQs)
02 Recruitment Process for South Korea (total 60 days from Labour contract signing) Pre-Registration 7 Days EPS-TOPIK announce upon direction of HRD, Korea, one must pass both the EPS-TOPIK and Skills test in order to get eligibility for job application under EPS. One must be medically fit before submitting job application. Approx. sending duration of selectees under EPS is 22 days from signing of Labour Contract. OEC Travel wing arrange the air ticket upon receipt of entry schedule from HRD Korea and Operation’s FE wing dispatched the worker accordingly. Operations
EPS-TOPIK Registration 3 Days Wing, OEC (HQs)
Skills Test 1 Day
Medical Examination 3 Day
Job Application 1 Day
Signing of Labor Contract LC 2 Days
Pre-Departure Training 10 Days
Certificate of Visa Issuance 7 Days
Visa Endorsement 3 Days
Entry Schedule 15 Days
Air Ticket / Dispatch 7 Days
03 Conducting free of charge IELTS preparation classes for the interested nurses. Submission of OEC prescribed form for the IELTS Training by the interested nurses at OEC HQ; 1 Day
  1. National Health Services (NHS) of UK has given 500 nurses demand to OEC. Passing IELTS with Score 7 or OET with Band-B is a prerequisite. In order to enable the nurses to pass the required examination, the OEC has started imparting free of charge IELTS preparation classes for the nurses w.e.f. 1st October, 2019 at its Office in Islamabad in collaboration with the Australian Education Office.
  2. Two IELTS training classes are convened daily. Each class is consisted of 25 nurses. The first two batches of the trainees will complete their training within two months (i.e. by 30th November, 2019). From 1st December, 2019, 50 more nurses will start obtaining the said training. Total 165 nurses have registered themselves with the OEC for obtaining the IELTS preparation training till date.
PMD Wing, OEC (HQs)
Verification of credentials submitted by the interested nurse on the prescribed form by Pakistan Nursing Council 3 Days
Start attending free of charge IELTS preparation classes 60 Days
04 Conducting Korean Language Training for intending candidates Classes conducted in OEC, HQs, Regional Offices, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar under the supervision of Korean Language Instructors appointed by the OEC. 45 Days It is a pre-requisite to have sufficient knowledge of Korean Language for appearing in the EPS-TOPIK conducted by the HRD Korea Operations / Admin Wing
05 Complaints Redressal Through PMDU/ call Sarzameen etc Addressing complaints received from Pakistan Citizen Portal (PMDU), Call Sarzameen, Wafaqi Mohtasib Office etc. 7 days Redressal through PMDU / Call SarZameen and other manner after approval from Competent Authority All Wings